Inverted Fest: Skegss, Spiderbait, The Chats, WAAX and more!


You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, and we’ve missed live music as much as anything during the year past.

Getting bands back on stages has been an exercise in false dawns so far, but we’re back on (for now). Inverted Festival is a new Gold Coast initiative that harps back to the good old, Big Day Out days. Nothing but a good old fashioned punk rock fiasco in one of the most surf rich stretches on the continent.

The waves doing this during the duration of Inverted Fest is s distinct possibility.

It’s a fast ‘n loud, one day affair, taking place on May 1st, which happens to be the Labour Day Long Weekend, making a casual Goldy jaunt all the more appealing. As well as the hefty line up, and further harking back to the glory festival days, there’s also top names doing skate, BMX and freestyle motocross demos.

Whilst 2021 thus far has indicated that we’re still a fair way off everything returning to “normal”, Inverted Festival is a small win for returning to normalcy that we highly recommend jumping on. A morning battling the Kirra sweep followed by an afternoon slurping brews to the sounds of WAAX, The Chats and Skegss will make you feel good about yourself (and others), we promise.

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