Check out the debut lineup!

A brand new music festival, boasting all things punk rock, skate, BMX and FMX, is set to launch in Australia next year.

The debut Inverted Festival will go ahead at Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast on 1 May with an all-Aussie line-up that includes Skegss, Spiderbait, The Chats, Trophy Eyes, WAAX, Stand Atlantic and FANGZ.

The day will also feature live skate, BMX and freestyle motorcross competitions.

“We know you love Aussie punk and pub rock. And we know you also love skate, BMX and FMX. So we thought why not combine the two into one huge day out,” a statement on the official festival website reads.

“The result is Inverted Festival. Two events in one. But you only need to buy the one ticket. Result!”

Early bird tickets on sale now!

For more details, click here.

Story courtesy of The Music:

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